What is Airborne Particle Testing?

Clean room environments such as pharmaceutical and semi-conductor manufacturers are examples of environments that require demanding ongoing air monitoring and periodic certification. The best run facilities monitor the contamination level in the facility by measuring the quantity of airborne particulate. This information is then used to drive policies and procedures that help maintain cleanliness of the facility. APT can provide particulate counts to help you establish and maintain a monitoring program.

Particle counters can activate alarms when contamination poses immediate threats to manufacturing processes thus warning the end user of potential risk from contamination. Also, these cleanroom particle counters can document emerging contamination trends and weak spots within the process to guide cleaning personnel in maintaining air quality in their critical environments. We can also carry out the periodic particulate testing and forward the necessary certification. We provide trained and friendly clean room test engineers, offering comprehensive and proactive validation service to the requirements of all current ISO standards and guidelines. If you require any further information in regards to Airborne Particulate Testing please contact us now.