How do I prepare my site for a BREEAM Thermal Survey inspection?

To undertake BRREAM Thermal Survey we will require the following items to be actioned:

  • The heating to the building must be turned on at least 12 hours before thermal survey in order to achieve a 10C differential between inside and outside the building.
  • The buildings surfaces being inspected to be dry & free of solar loading. No precipitation immediately prior to or during the survey, this may include mist and fog.

    All loose materials must be removed from the building envelope, e.g. timer sheeting stacked against the wall, roof etc.

  • No direct solar radiation on each elevation in the preceding hour. Problems with solar gain may limit the effectiveness of Infrared Thermography surveys during the summer months.
  • As we often need to start approx. one hour before sunrise (to prevent solar loading) it means we may need to start at 4am. Clients should arrange that a responsible person be onsite throughout the survey.
  • The site representative must be able to provide safe access to all areas to enable our engineer to undertake the survey.
  • Safe access must be provided by the contractor, i.e. if there is no safe access to the higher levels such as the roof etc. then the client must supply a cherry picker and an appropriately certified driver to operate the plant throughout the survey.
  • All internal doors to be propped open to ensure uniform internal temperature throughout the building envelope and all external doors and windows on the building envelope to be closed tight to prevent heat loss.
  • The client must obtain and issue all relevant permits to work prior to any commencement of field work if so required and our engineer must be briefed by site competent person on site specific risks by site competent person.

If you would require further information, please check out our informative thermal survey checklist to help you prepare for the thermal survey.