How do I prepare for an Air Test?

First don’t panic, should the results of your air testing show unacceptable air leakage, we have many techniques available to find and record the air leakage paths, these include:

  • Smoke Investigation with Building Under Pressurisation – we can carry out a smoke test whilst the building is being pressurised to check to identify air leakage paths and allow the areas to be sealed. If this is not possible on the say we issue a comprehensive smoke survey report listing the air leakage paths for your operatives to reference during their sealing works.
  • Thermography Survey – This is performed using an infra-red camera to identify the air leakage paths through the building envelope whilst the building is being depressurised.
  • Final Air Test – we carry out the final precompletion test in accordance with Building Regulations Part L to achieve building control signoff and building handover.

If your building has failed its air tightness test and you need further advice on how to pass, please call us on 01525 303905 or e-mail us at: and we will guide you through the air tightness process, ensuring that you receive the right level of advice and service to pass your air testing.