How do I prepare for a BS8233 Noise survey?

To prepare for a BS8233 noise assessment we require the following information:

  • The type of noise survey that is required by the local planning authority as well as the duration of the noise survey.
  • Confirmation of the hours of operation i.e. will they survey run from 08.00 until 08.00 the following morning, which would provide a good sample in relation to weekday early morning and night time noise level.
  • We require full site plan drawings for the site showing the proposed position of the new dwelling/s and its noise sensitive rooms to the nearest noise source point. A set of drawings to include floor and roof plans along with all elevations.
  • The client will need to arrange for access into the property/land were the survey/s are to be undertaken.
  • The site should not have solid (temporary) hoarding up facing the main noise source at the time of the survey as this may affect the noise levels on site, especially if the main noise source is an adjacent road or railway line. If security is a requirement, then temporary Heras fencing should be used during the noise survey.
  • All site works must be stopped for the duration of the survey to reduce the chance of excess background construction noise.
  • To reduce the chance of excess noise no site deliveries can take place during the survey.
  • No operatives should interfere with the noise survey equipment throughout the duration of the survey.
  • We require a parking space for a transit van type vehicle within 10 metres of the test location on site.
  • The client’s representative will need to sign our work record book after the noise survey equipment has been set up.
  • We will require a secure area for our equipment to be left for the duration of the survey. The lockup must have a small hole large enough for a cable to go through. If the cable is damaged due to insufficient access the damages for a replacement cable and the aborted noise survey will be charged to the client.
  • We need a site representative to meet us onsite to let us in to the site and set up our equipment. The site agent must ensure that he has the keys to a secure lockup, so we can safely lock up our equipment prior to our departure.
  • We need someone to meet us next day as and when we collect the equipment.

If you would require further information, please check out our informative BS8233 noise assessment checklist to help you prepare for the thermal survey.