Can you help us pass my room integrity test?

Of course, our experienced room integrity consultants have helped all types of clients from the initial design stage of the project right through to the final room integrity test. It is our ongoing aim to ensure that all our clients properties are compliant with NFPA & ISO 15004. If you think you need help on your project, please don’t hesitate to contact our skilled team of room integrity engineers. As a UKAS accredited company we try to ensure our clients pass their integrity test at the first attempt and we always forward our room integrity testing checklist which identifies what actions need to be undertaken to prepare for the air test. here are a few of the services we offer to help you pass your air test at the first attempt:

  • Air Tightness Design Review – We can undertake a design review of the proposed protected enclosure to check that the air seal line has adequately designed and potential buildability issues have been taken into account.
  • Ongoing Site Survey Visits – We visit site to check that the contractors are building the envelope of the protected enclosure (or air seal line) properly to minimise the chance of an integrity test failure at the end of the project. Any potential problems identified during the works will be highlighted to the site team so that targeted remedial sealing works can be undertaken.

We always advise our clients to contact us as early as possible to ensure that your preceded enclosure stands the best chance of passing the integrity test. air testing. When we send out our quotation we also forward a specific room integrity testing checklist to help our client prepare for the testing.