If you have a room that’s protected by a gaseous fire suppressant system, it is required to have an annual Room Integrity Test. Protected enclosures such as Server Rooms, Plant Rooms, and Laboratory’s all need to be tested on an annual basis, given the potential consequences of fire damage and the subsequent down time for critical assets.

Under BS ISO 15004, it states that an integrity test be undertaken prior to the handover of the enclosure and annually thereafter. Also, if the enclosure envelope has received new works i.e. new penetrations for electrical installations another room integrity test should be undertaken immediately after the works have been completed.

To allow a fire suppression system to work properly the room must have sufficient airtight to retain an extinguishing concentration for a specified period after discharge – usually 10 minutes. Failure to do so may cause the fire to reignite causing further damage.

Fire Damage to a Server Room.


We undertake room integrity testing to all types and sizes of enclosures, from large data centre’s which have a floor areas of hundreds of square metres to small server rooms not much bigger than a WC. In each case we carry out the necessary calculations prior to the test, and use high powered UKAS calibrated fan systems with integrity testing software to determine results immediately upon completion of the room integrity test.

Our experienced engineers continually ensure that the room integrity testing is clean and non-disruptive, using the latest door mounted fan systems to measure the air leakage flow. Throughout the test the room can carry on working as normal, with no requirement for shutdowns to your critical assets.

If you have a protected enclosure that requires a room integrity test or you think you have a problem in terms of your enclosure construction, please contact us at: or call Darren direct on 07775623464.