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» Sound Testing and Noise Surveys
Types of sound testing and noise surveys undertaking by APT Sound Testing.

» Sound Testing for Part E
Sound Testing for Part E of Building Regulations has been a mandatory requirement since July 2003. All new build dwellings and conversions which were built after this date require 10% of each party wall/floor construction type to be tested.

» Do I Need to Carry Out Sound Testing?
Building Regulations Part E require that builders demonstrate the sound insulation performance of separating walls/floors in new-build dwellings and/or converted dwellings or rooms for residential purposes (as well as those newly formed by a material change of use).

» Common Questions & Answers
Please find our list of common questions and answers relating to sound testing, to help you prepare for the sound testing.

» Acoustic Insulation in the Home
If you are unsure where the sound is getting through, then contact us and we should be able to identify the worst areas by undertaking sound testing on the problematic partitions.

» Acoustic Design Services
APT Sound Testing provides a professional acoustic consultancy design service to Architects, Property Developers and Building Contractors.

» Acoustic Design Services - The Site Visit
During early design and construction process, we visit site to conduct a comprehensive acoustic design survey and review, we also take this opportunity to meet; where possible, the site/project manager, architects etc.

» Guide for Installing Acoustic Insulation
We have produced a list below of the major problem causes that can arise during our experience during sound testing and sound test design and construction.

Advice for Noise Surveys in London
AT Acoustics has put this guidance note on Noise Surveys in London together to assist small builders, developers and consultants who are involved in developments where planning permission is a requirement and a London noise survey is a consideration.

Installing Acoustic Insulation for the Sound Test
To stand the best possible chance of passing your sound test in compliance with Approved Document E, please review this document regarding installing Acoustic Insulation for the Sound Test which highlights some of the major causes of sound test failure.

APT Sound Testing Services
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APT Sound Testing Services