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We are an aerial surveying and inspection service based in London and Luton. We use remote Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) to provide high-definition footage and imagery from on-site locations such as high end real estate, roof surveys, electrical and mechanical plant installations, saving our clients the expense and administration of hiring traditional manned aerial platforms or helicopters.

We also work with engineering and maintenance teams to assist in the surveying and planning of assets such as high voltage pylons, wind turbines, high altitude structures and all types of buildings, displaying real-time video footage and allowing close-up inspections to be made wherever more in-depth information may be required. The survey results can be quickly logged and forwarded to clients.

If you require an aerial survey please email us or contact us on 01525 303905

Real Estate Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography of Property - the use of our flying droid can add a totally new perspective to property imaging whether it be for sales agents or just for you to admire your home or building. With our flying platforms we can take aerial photography up to 400ft to capture stunning images that are not possible with traditional pole camera systems or even cherry picker rigs.

We specialise in Aerial Photography of high end prestigious suburban and rural properties throughout the United Kingdom. We can get our drones in almost any position to create elevated images that will totally enhance the sale of your property. APT Aerial Surveys have undertaken many aerial surveys and also use high end Nikon equipment to take land based photographs.

APT Ariel Surveys can also capture that moment in time that cannot be taken from any other angle or perspective. Promotional pictures of your event such as a grand opening event or a sporting event can be captured to show you/client images and/or video in a totally new dimension.

Aerial Surveys of Church Roofs and Steeples
APT Aerial Surveys undertake surveys of very inaccessible locations such as church roofs and steeples alleviating the needs to erect scaffolding or hydraulic platforms which can run into tens of thousands of pounds. Besides providing large cost savings, our technology avoids the safety problems associated with people working at height, disturbance to old existing structures and issues with soft ground or other access problems associated with navigating through graveyards.

Aerial Surveys of Factory Roofs
We can quickly undertake aerial surveys of large factory roofs using our drones. Not only does this shorten the time it takes to undertake the survey it also negates the need for very large aerial platforms which are needed to safely survey/inspect the often hazardous existing roof coverings. We can normally supply the high-quality photos and video on the same day as well as negating the risk elements associated with working at height on fragile materials. We can normally undertake an inspection of a large roof during a single day.

Aerial Survey on Large Chimney Stacks
Visually inspecting tall or otherwise difficult to reach structures has traditionally been an expensive exercise requiring large cranes, helicopters or rope access work. Using our aerial drones you can now get high-resolution, high-quality photos and video of these structures in an economical manner as well as negating the risk elements associated with working at height. Our UAV sends a live video feed of what the drone is seeing and we can email the images across to our clients within minutes.

Also, because they are unmanned our drones are able to get into areas that would otherwise be too dangerous for live inspection, e.g. close-up on live flame stacks or in proximity to chemical leaks. Likewise, because of their small scale and quiet operation our drones can operate close to working sites without causing disruption.

Construction Aerial Photography
We can capture your on-going Construction project - from Greenfield sites to completed projects. This is usually for planning reasons, time line appraisals or as a record of the build for developers and/or architects. Using the latest software we can place our flying droids in the exact place for each on-going survey to repeat and capture the same image as the project progresses capturing the whole build from start to completion.

Aerial Surveys for Health & Safety
We can also undertake Health & Safety aerial inspections - to check on collapsed scaffold etc. We can deploy our droids to check hazardous sites without compromising the safety of inspection personal, allowing them to see first-hand if closer inspections are needed and most importantly if it is safe to proceed on to a site that my present real hazards to inspectors and the workers.

Aerial Surveys of Wind Turbines
Wind turbine rotor blades can suffer damage as they are subjected to extremely variable weather conditions. When blades become damaged, dirty or faulty the total productivity of your turbine may be considerably reduced.

APT Aerial Surveys can undertake remote visual Inspections of wind turbines, electricity pylons all from a safe distance and using HD camera systems with a dedicated video downlink we can allow the client to view exactly what the Drones camera is seeing. APT will work closely with your engineering and maintenance teams to provide high-quality real-time imagery of each of your turbine assets, reducing down-time and associated costs.

Our UAV can analyse the rotor blades and structure of each wind turbine asset in seconds, moving to multiple locations in a wind farm with minimal time delay, allowing you to survey and analyse HD imagery much quicker than traditional telephotography or manual inspection methods. HD photos and video will be recorded of the survey, with findings documented in a comprehensive report and complimentary DVD with files in a format of your choice up to 1080p.

Benefits of using an APT Aerial Survey UAV for Inspections

» A safer working environment
» Personnel can remain on the ground instead of working at height, in all weathers.
» Reduced downtime.
» Our UAV can reach work heights (up to 120m) in less than a minute and begin producing results immediately.
» Rapidly provide evidence of structural damage for insurance claims to speed up the claim process.
» Higher quality imagery - both video and photographs from any vantage point.
» Our highly-skilled UAV operators can fly within 2 metres of the survey structure, producing unsurpassed image quality in great detail. » Making the inaccessible accessible instantly.
» Our UAV can be directed to areas such as wind turbine blade tips or HV electrical installations to perform a survey that would traditionally be dangerous and time-consuming in a matter of minutes.
» Dynamic Surveying.
» Using real-time imagery streamed to the ground, our engineer can direct the survey to investigate any potential issues while the UAV is in the air allowing focused results.
» Our UAV have GPS-based autopilot that not only allows us to 'lock' the UAV in the air at a specific location while we video and photograph the required areas but also brings the UAV home automatically if radio contact is lost - increasing safety on-site.

If you would like more information on our aerial survey services please email us or contact us on 01525 303905

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